Alexandria Oral Implantology Association

The aim of Alexandria Oral Implantology Association is to spread knowledge of Oral Implantology among the society and media as a new treatment modality. Providing expanded knowledge and education aids to dentists, both member and non-member. Backing scientific research and supporting young implantologists. Enhancing the both national and international relations and data exchange. Enhancing social responsibility among dentists and providing free treatment for the disadvantaged. Obtain and maintain accreditation for scientific activities. Alexandria Oral Implantology Association is dedicated in distributing the latest information and best education to the dental community in the Middle east through building communication and affiliation links with dental schools and associations worldwide, developing strong social links within the dental community and enhancing our social responsibility towards the society.

Latest Blog Postings

What Causes a Cavity?

Anyone, regardless of age, can experience tooth decay or cavities. A cavity is a tiny hole that develops on a tooth when bacteria that produce acid eat away at the tooth's hard outer coating, or enamel. On your teeth, a sticky coating of germs called plaque is continually forming. The...Read More

Oral Health and Oral Hygiene

Oral Health Your mouth, teeth, and gums all fall under the umbrella of dental or oral health. The intention is to keep your mouth healthy overall while preventing problems like gum disease and cavities in your teeth. The condition of your teeth, gums, and mouth is referred to as dental...Read More

Cementum Layer

Cementum Layer The cells of cementum are the entrapped cementoblasts, the cementocytes. Each cementocyte lies in its lacuna, similar to the pattern noted in bone. These lacunae also have canaliculi or canals. Unlike those in bone, however, these canals in cementum do not contain...Read More